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Every week there are dozens of meetings that I receive info for that go under the radar. 

These smaller meetings are often overlooked, resulting in missed profit opportunities for most horse racing punters. 

This is where most non-professional punters go wrong: by risking too much of their bankroll on individual bets at more popular meetings.

They don't spread their risk thin enough over a big enough number of bets, and they wind up spending the majority of their bankroll on just a few of them! 

The punter then blames the bookies, the tipsters, the jockeys, the horses, and everything else in between. 

This losing formula then repeats itself over and over again as they continue to dig themselves a hole too big to climb out of. 

Sound familiar? 

If you're a thrill punter with a wad of cash to risk on one single bet, go ahead and be my guest... but don't expect to play that game for long.

Here's an excellent piece of advice that most punters ignore - the more bets you are able to place, the more likely it is that you will increase your winning percentage provided you're backing the right horses.

A pro punter must be just as focused on placing enough bets which present good value rather than just establishing a great winning percentage!

Think about a casino for a second. Casino executives know that because they always have an edge (and all their games favour the house), if they can get enough players to make enough bets, the more money they are guaranteed to make.

Can you imagine a casino limiting the number of times you throw the dice? Or limiting the number of times you pull the lever of a slot machine? 

It simply doesn't make sense if they have an edge!

The same thing is true for us gamblers when we have an edge, such as inside information or superior selection systems.

The most successful gamblers gain advantages as often as possible, not only just occasional advantages that they may like best. 
This information is not for novices as it costs me a lot of money. 
If you're a seasoned punter who want premium tips on a consistent basis, this subscription is for you.

My Silver Service can pick winners for you, but I cannot manage your money.

If this sounds like you, then grab your Silver Service now on the very next page. It costs about £1 a day.

Let me take your profits to the next level.
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By now you are familiar with the reach of my insider network and the quality analysis provided by my team. If you're a gambler who wants a regular source of top-class form analysis and genuine stable information, this is the best source of it’s kind available in the UK.
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"Where I went wrong in the past was risking too much of my bankroll on individual bets.  Paul's Silver Service tips helps me spread my risk more sensibly over a number of quality bets and it's far more profitable!"
Scott Garcia
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