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Congratulations for taking the next step in joining the ranks of the top horse racing punters with your NEW Silver Service™ Membership. 

You will receive top inside tips from Top Professional Gambler Paul Gargan & his private betting syndicate directly to your inbox throughout the week plus weekend bets! 

Email tips will be sent via info@paulgarganracing.com so it's critical that you add this email address to your contact list so it isn't accidentally filtered as spam (otherwise you won't receive your tips!)

Just to recap what you will be receiving:

Full Silver Betting Service - Provided 7 Days A Week with up to 5 additional bets on weekdays PLUS weekend bets

Combined Betting Expertise - Get well rounded expertise from Paul Gargan and his expert panel of pro gambers 

Preferred Customer Status - Receive priority customer support through via live chat or email

More Bets, More Opportunities To Win - Separate yourself from novice gamblers by increase your winning percentage & profits

In the off chance that you’re not completely satisfied with your membership, just e-mail info@paulgarganracing.com during your first 14 days and we’ll cancel it for you. No questions asked!

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